Pizza & Beer. For years, these two great words have existed in perfect harmony, and Cardo's Pizza and Tavern is taking this tried-and-true pair to the next level. We are passionate about creating a perfect experience for you through great food, drinks, service, and atmosphere. We will settle for nothing less than great handmade goodness and delicious flavors. Each pizza and entrée we create will be loaded with locally sourced and fresh ingredients.

20 Incredible Beers On Tap!!



They include...

Guiness                   Homestead Brewing (THAT-Special Brew for Cardo's Pizza & Tavern)   Coors Light          Yeungling

Sam Adams Hopscape                       Angry Orchard                                   Michelob Ultra                          CBC IPA

 Fat Tire                                             Budweiser                          Leinenkeugel Bavarian Dunkel             CBC Thunderlips

Four Strings - Brass Knuckles                 Bud Light                                        Blue Moon                             CBC Bodhi

Platform - Palesner                               LaBatt Blue                                       Miller Light                          Elevator Lager  


Ask your server or bartender for our specialty drink and martini menu!



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